Maximize reach & engagement for your entire workforce, tailored to your audiences.


HEYRISE's mission is to help you reach your entire workforce, no matter where they are or what their work environment looks like. Since every member of your team, including all job profiles, deserves the best Well-being services, we will help you achieve the best possible reach and program adherence. 


Audiences give you the ability to target groups within your workforce and measure their program adherence. The audiences result from demographic data, job conditions, or status. A personal or departmental grouping is not possible because HEYRISE is decoupled from internal structures and works purely person-centred.


Share your content with your audience for better access and results. Simple analytics help you understand how to optimize your content and what services are needed. Audience analysis helps you achieve measurable results for internal and external reporting. Internally, the Well-being & Health KPI will become an important management tool. Externally, you will receive relevant metrics for mandatory ESG reporting on Social Wellbeing & Health.

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