Benefits for companies & people - it's a win-win situation for everyone.

What's in for companies

Supercharge people, workplaces & communities

New Growth

> 2x ROI & VOI through higher workforce availability & productivity – by reducing costs for absenteeism, presenteeism & optional community involvement.

Reach everyone

Well-being & Health services at scale for your entire workforce tailored to audiences. Encourage everyone to increase their Well-being behaviors.

Measurable Results

Use corporate health scores as a key business KPI to drive targeted campaigns. Meet standards for ESG Goals for Well-being & Health.


Boost adherence and adoption to live & stay healthy

People-centric & contextual

Meaningful and personalized activity, lifestyle and health plans and content. Tailored services in the right context to rise motivation and engagement.

Conversational & easy to use

Personalized chat & video coaching from activity, lifestyle & health coaches, including access to health experts. Convenient and easy to take the next best step. 


The future of Well-being & Health is omnichannel. People-centric, seamless integration of digital, telehealth & in-person services for better outcomes.

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